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Uniqueness of technical solutions

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      Welcome to the website of our  DASFOS Company, an in Ostrava (Czech Republic) situated company that has built its reputation as a recognized expert in the research and development of special measuring, monitoring and testing laboratory systems suitable for application in various industrial sectors, especially in heavy industry. Our company cooperates with research and development teams at universities both in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.
     DASFOS was founded as DASFOS v.o.s., in 1989, by former employees of the Iron and Steel Research Institute, Dobrá, Czechoslovakia. Now its activities are followed by DASFOS CZr, s.r.o., both as the professional orientation and the staffing are concerned. Currently about 12 specialists with tertiary education and 3 to 5 with secondary education are employed by DASFOS or working for the Company. Since most of the company's supplies require specialized techniques and technologies for engineering components, most of the machine parts are provided by long-term collaborating companies.
     DASFOS has developed a number of interesting development and research solutions and implemented them either on direct customer order or as part of grant-funded projects. These are especially projects in the field of special laser and thermal-technical measurements, measuring systems for laboratory testing of coal and coke, and in the field of special diagnostic systems for steel Continuous Casting Machines (CCM).
     Development is done and software and hardware solutions are implemented by company employees. We are owners of several valid patented technical solutions.

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