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DLP-DUO - automatic mould powder feeder for 2 casting strands
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DLP-DUO - automatic mould powder feeder for 2 casting strands

     Automatic mould powder feeders are used for accurate and stable delivery of casting powder into the CCM mould. Compared to manual dosing, they ensure a constant supply and uniform distribution of casting powder on the steel surface during casting. The results are its reduced consumption and improved quality of cast steel.

     The DLP-DUO device is designed for continuous and adjustable dosing of casting powders on a continuous casting machine (CCM) for both granular and non-granular casting powders. The device can operate a pair of casting strands; the DLP version is specified for one casting strand. The feeding itself of the powder from the container is provided by a spiral spring which is stored in a flexible hose.
     At the end of this hose there is an adjustable bifurcation that allows the powder to be added to two positions on the steel surface. The hose can be bent with a radius of 2 m and it can be dismantled when the container is empty. Emptying the container is possible by unscrewing the drain lid.

     In the picture, installing the Dasfos mould powder feeder for 2 casting strands can be seen.




Technical parameters

Possible use for mould powders: 
granulated and non-granulated, too
Number of served casting strands: 
2 (type DLP DUO), 1 (type DLP)
movable (on wheels)
Container volume: 
25 m3
Control of feeding intensity: 
in dependance on casting speed and steel grade
Feeding intensity range: 
0.1 to 0.2 kg/min
Volume density of mould powders prášků: 
0.55 to 1 kg/dm3
electric motor, worm gear
Feeding system: 
spiral spring in flexible hose
Powder outlet onto steel surface: 
Monitoring of powder quantity in the container: 

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