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ISO 4695, ISO 7215, ISO 4696-1, ISO 4696-2

   The RF-33/TV/RDI System is the latest and most comprehensive version of the original RF-33 System for coke quality testing. The RF-33/TV/RDI has been designed primarily to test the properties of the iron ore charge – lump ores, pellets, and sinter. However, in case of adding the coke making software modules and CSR testing equipment, it is also possible to test coke properties alike with the RF-33, RF-33/KK or RF-33/TV Systems. The RF-33/TV/ RDI System therefore can be, generally said, widely usable for studying high-temperature physicochemical properties of metallurgical raw materials in the environment of process gases.

      Testing of the iron-containing charge materials can be performed according to the relevant Standards (ISO 4695, ISO 7215, ISO 4696-1, and ISO 4696-2), or, for research purposes, also by some non-standard procedures.



Technical parameters

Electrically heated test furnace: 
vertical, resistance heating blocks "KANTHAL"
Operational temperature: 
1 100 °C (max. 1200 °C)
Power consumption: 
9 kVA
Used retort (reaction tube): 
L 900/D 75 mm, made of heat resistant stainless steel
Possibly used technological gases: 
up to 4 concurrently (CO, CO2, H2, N2)
Measuring /control of gas flows: 
OMEGA mass flowmeters /controllers
Postcombustion of waste gases: 
safety burner
Continuous weighing of tested sample: 
compensation method, use of accurate (0.02 g/d) elektronic scales
Retort cooling down after the test end: 
forced, in a mobile cooling box with fan
Control of the test process: 
automated, by a control computer

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