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MKL Laser measuring systems
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MKL Laser measuring systems

     The MKL system exactly measures the distances between axis and inner surface of the CCM mould by means of a rotating laser measuring head. Measurements gradually take place at several height levels (cross sections) of the mould. Their number (maximum 18) can be chosen depending on how detailed measurement is being requested. The result of complete measurement is a 3D map of the inner surface from which it is possible to see the local wear at particular positions.

The MKL system is available in more versions, both for circular and rectangular moulds. Each MKL measuring system consists of the following parts:

   A) The measuring instrument itself, with a rotating and vertically movable contactless laser distance meter. A stepping motor rotates the measuring laser in 1 ° increments whereas the second stepping motor is used to precisely adjust the specified vertical position.
   (B) Mounting holders for accurate positioning of the instrument on the measured CCM mould. For round and square moulds, one given holder can be used for up to 3 dimensionally close formats. For rectangular moulds, an individual holder must be used for each dimension.
   C) Portable control unit (industrial computer with touch screen and small membrane keyboard) connected by cable to the meter. It controls the operation of stepping motors, collects and analyzes the measured data, displays the graphical results on the display.
   D) Stationary computer with a color printer for detailed evaluation of the measurement - in particular the mould wear and deviations from the "drawing" profile at each measured vertical level. The software also allows viewing the actual taper along mould height, monitoring the wear in dependence on the tonnes already cast, archiving data, etc.

     Currently available variants of the MKL system:

MKL 125/420-3P for rectangular formats
MKL 125/420-3K for round formats
MKL 125/420-3 for round and rectangular formats of Convex and Invex design
MKL 40-300/600 for round formats of Convex, Invex and TA design
MKL 40-600/1000 for large round formats of Convex, Invex and TA design
MKL 20-125/300 universal system for round and rectangular formats of Convex and Invex design
MKL-slab for slab formats.


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