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RF-33/KK System
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RF-33/KK System

ASTM D 5341, ISO 18894

      This is an enhanced RF-33 system being distinguished by the possibility of own production of 10 kg of coke for subsequent testing of its properties by the CRI/CSR method. Coking time is of about 3 hours, with the choice of loose or tamped operations.

      The figure shows the electrically heated furnace with coking retort inside, and combustion of the escaping gaseous products in the space above the furnace

 The main components of the RF-33/KK system are:

   - Vertically openable electric furnace WA 1100
   - Equipment for measurement and handling of technological gases (CO2, N2)
   - Retort for production of coke
   - Retort for CRI test
   - Mobile box for retort cooling down
   - OB-2 device with tumbler for CSR test
   - Computer control system SPW-2 /KK



Technical parameters

For the CRI/CSR tests: 
same as for the base RF-33 system
For coking: 
see below:
Length of the retort for coking: 
1 100 mm
Inner diameter: 
130 mm
Wall /bottom thickness: 
5 /10 mm
Material of the retort: 
stainless steel
Duration of coking: 
ca. 3 h
Coke quenching: 
dry, in the retort
CO gas concentration sensor: 
situated above the furnace

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